Step 1: Terms of Reference

The purpose of Step 1 is to prepare and obtain approval of the UYSSolutions IEA Terms of Reference from the Ministry of the Environment (Ministry) so that the Region can proceed with the IEA with certainty and flexibility. The Terms of Reference sets out the framework for the planning and decision-making process to be followed during the preparation of the IEA. In other words, it is the detailed work plan for the IEA. 

While the Terms of Reference is being prepared, the project team will move forward with the initial activities of the IEA by preparing the Purpose of/Rationale for the Undertaking (needs assessment and justification), which will culminate in a clear and concise Opportunity Statement that can be relied upon throughout the course of the IEA to support the need and justification for the project. As part of this step, we will ensure that the needs assessment/justification responds to, and complies with, relevant legislation and regulations. Our consultation program will be focused on obtaining feedback from the various stakeholders and stimulating discussion on the need and justification.

The diagram shown below provides a simple outline of the process to be followed for completion of Step 1.  Preparation of the Terms of Reference will involve consultation with the Ministry, public/agency stakeholders, and First Nations communities.

Terms of Reference

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